Thursday, August 7, 2008

ugh, i hate waiting for jeffrey to pick me up.
he told me he would be leaving his house in like 20 minutes... and that was like 45, maybe even 50 something minutes ago. I swear to god, i dont know what takes him so long to get ready. I am gonna fight someone. Jeeeeeeeeeeez.

So he just called me again (8:18), and is coming now.

*Sigh* Oh that Jefferson. The next show is at 10:35, so it's cool. we can chill for a sec. Be back later.

So we went to starbucks. we tend to always go there. White G's were grillin' (ew why did i even type that... im too lazy to erase it... just writing as it comes to mind) I had no idea who they were. Me and jefferson talked about life, and told me about his near death experience in London with his cousin... wait i mean Delaware. It was intense. We saw Carley and Nina coming back into the starbucks. We exchanged a brief hello, but that was all. We bought our tickets to the Pineapple Express, and just chilled for a 'hot second'.

We got into the theatre, and some lames (a hood couple) were sitting in front of us. Apparently they were making fun of me loving the jonas brothers. Later during the movie the girl's cellphone went off. I guess she forgot to put it on silent. The second time, her phone went off... still not on silent, she took a good while to answer the phone too... i went off.

"I swear to god, you'd think this girl would turn off her phone after the first fucking time it goes off"
The boyfriend glances up towards Hutch and I
"Bright ass n***er, looking up here, I'll fucking kick his ass," Jeffrey blurted out.

Anywhoo, the movie was funny as shit, but a hell of a lot of violence. James Franco owns a part of my heart. UCLA boys.

After the movie, Jeffrey spotted the couple who were sitting in front of us. The man..i mean boy, was maybe 2 inches taller than me. Jeffrey made it a point that he was "one small ass n***er" who he could definitely fuck up. oh gosh. We peed, and he drove me home listening to Justice.

Calvin got me listening to the Strokes again. I havent listened to them in high rotation since highschool. I'm so New York its killing me... pft yeah right.

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