Sunday, August 3, 2008

so basically, my sister is a big mother fucking cunt.
apparently, i am 'depressed,' cuz she cockrides some lame ass grade eight. poor thing.

forrealzsies, that girl is a dumb ass bitch for being so cockwhipped to some lame ass hoe. bitch, cant even call me out right, calling me "someone" on her blog (btw, which has the SAME layout as my blog). Stupid Trick. Right now i dont give a shit if i never talked to MY SISTER ANDREA... but for confidentiality, lets call her punk-ass-bitch (PAB).

anywhooooooooooooooo, i bought a new book, but forgot it in sicas car tonight. flashback to last night, where i got my book back from ariel, but left it in jfro's car. I like leaving books in peoples cars. starbucks. and then kelseys. we met up with karim, and he told us his stripper stories. love that kid off. he gave us cool sphinx souvenirs from egypt! then i went home.

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