Saturday, August 2, 2008

the hardest part

so i ended up going out with the jefferson tonight, sans sica because she was sleeping like an angel i could imagine.

we drove to starbucks and didnt run over some mystery ball lying in the center of the road. the swurve of the car made us both laugh, and we pulled into the lot. a grande london fog and a greeting from nick padua (i srsly had a crush on him in grade school). While i was lingering with nick for about .5 seconds, apparently jeffrey was tyring to order a donut, but the barista wasnt paying attention to jeffrey's order. jeffrey decided to point to the donut saying "uhh... can i get this one?" the barista still in a daze, just kind of dumbfoundedly staring at my jefferson snapped out of it... saying "omg im so sorry about the donut.. you're just really good looking"

jeffrey is hot. fucking jeffrey. we laughed about how if i was pissing off jeffrey, he would get his coffee serving hoe to pour hot water on me.

we met up with ariel, su, ernesto, and some faggot little kids who just hot boxed the car and laughed at stupidness. jeff and i grew sick of it, and went home. He told me about the story of the movie "the strangers" and it kind of creeped me out. Anywhoo, im home now listening to coldplay, and feeling much better. Goodnight.

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