Sunday, August 31, 2008

take me on the floor

i dont know what it is about me, but mosquitos effing love me. this summer has been a pretty successful one, if i do say so myself. It has been very work induced with a several dosages of CJC, and time out. it's been pretty laid back and chill, nothing too hectic or crazy. Overall, just a good summer. 

i used ichat for the first time. it was pretty intense, not gonna lie. the screen was hella clear and smooth, not forgetting to mention how big the picture was. I the best thing about iChat, was who i got to iChat with. Mr. Jefferson Hutchinson himself. Like the lame kids we are, we tried out all the cute effects and stuff and it made for a good laugh. God i miss him. I know it's only been like 2 days since he left, but its just the fact that he's no longer a few minute drive away that is such a bummer. Seeing him on the screen does wonders, just to know he still exists and all. Yeah, I'm lame, but whatever. oh yeah, he showed me around his small room via the ichat tour. I also got a brief glimpse of his roommate (aka my future bff) Noah. Well, they both ditched me to go to a dance or something, i dont know. Moral of the story.. iChat is sick.

Labor day is in a few minutes, and labor of love is actually today, but running into tomorrow. Some guy showing at the LOL fest (LOL HAHAH) has something like an 8 hour set or something? Im not sure if it was an eight hour set, but im pretty sure it was a long as set, for a good amount of hours. The 'hot guy' from american apparel actually asked us what LOL was. it was pretty funny. He talks with a bit of a lisp... or he just talks funny. I dont know. 

Anyway, im watching a whole bunch of celine dion music videos. God how i love her. Oh yeah! last night i wrote about 3 pages of writing in my old notebook. it felt really good. I could go for a mcflurry right about now to be honest. Damn, Celine Dion is amazing.

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