Friday, August 29, 2008

new (mac)daddy

i am a lucky duck, i got a macbook!
im probably going to have to go to one of those learn how to use a mac workshops because im so used to pc. but yeah, that is my news for today.
that is all :)

x ----------------- x 

How could i forget to mention... i will be retiring my First Gen iPod Nano, Kingsley, and will be reintroducing my new iPod Touch Lennon. 

Kingsley had a good run. About over 1000 songs later, he still runs. Just a bit slow on the battery scene. Still good for the time, and less than an hour worth of music play. He owns a piece of my heart, as my first iPod :) i'll still be using him every now and then, most likely when Lennon isnt charged.. and when i'm working out i guess. 

Anywhoo, my new iPod is of the iPod Touch generation... 8G's, wifi, and all that good stuff. I named him lennon, because the box he came in, has a picture of john lennon on it. So it only was fitting.  i havent thought of a name for my macbook though. hmm...

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Anonymous said...

awww lucky you! your parents are toooooooooooo nice. i'm jealous.