Wednesday, August 13, 2008

laughing out loud

speaking of dreams. it is pretty much normal to be in a dream, and whatever recklessness or unusual things going on, are normal... in the dream. due to my love of the jonas brothers, followed by my recent purchase of their cd yesterday, as well as falling asleep to my new jonas brothers wallpaper... it would make sense that i would dream about.. the jonas brothers.

in my dream i had an eco friendly jonas brothers bag (it was lime green). i was sitting in a restaurant, and saw three well dressed boys walk past the window. i ran to them and got their autographs.

point of the story... even with my love of Joe Jonas, i end up hooking up with fucking kevin. I can clearly remember looking at the side of his face, and he had some serious mutton chops.

Moral of the story: i always go for the ugly ones, even in my dreams.

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