Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rice cookers

If I ever had my dreams analyzed, I would be too scared to hear the results. What complexes I have, and what childhood turmoils are haunting my future. What the people in my dreams stand for, the awkward dialogue that makes no sense in reality, the murder of dogs that is a recurring event in my dreams recently. Regardless if my dreams are only dreams, or if they are some key to my present past and future, i will always value the breath of fresh air i take when waking up from all my dreams. followed by my tossing and turning to figure out where i am, who i am, what i am... then lastly, to sigh in disappointment that i am back to reality, nuzzling the sheets to try and seep back to where i was just mere seconds ago.

I don't work until saturday, i had like no hours this week... i guess i will use the time to clean my room, and read and contemplate about life. I think todays mini goal, is to find a bicycle pump.

Im anticipating a lot of sadness in the next few days to come... i good cry will come out of it, and seeing good people with good hearts. I was going to say something, but it is too early for that.

... dreams last for so long, even after your gone
- Jewel

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