Saturday, August 30, 2008

i woke up at 5 am last night, to a sore body. 
my back is aching, and i have no idea why.
Ugh, this is really uncomfortable.

edit (3:26pm)
after several hours rolling around in my bed in agony, my back doesn't ache as much as it used to this morning. i tried doing some stretching, and had my sister punch me in the back (lol)... and that helped the pain go away for about 3 seconds. I decided to get some extra help, and eat some advil and pudding. That eased the pain waaaay more. anyway, i feel dead today. I dont know what it is... but i think the reality of school is finally starting to hit.

Im thinking i am going to go buy my textbooks text week during frosh, or the actual week of school. Hmmmm..

Oh, i made a sick ass grilled cheese sandwich today. The Texas Cut breads are yummy.
Grilled Cheese sandwich, pickles and tabasco : )  

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