Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tra la la

blogging via the fourth floor... on calvin's computer. surrounded by guys no less. erm... sorry my entries have been lacking substance. Apparently Calvin reads my blog... it's kind of creepy. but whatevs right.

Calvin watches too much porn, and thinks hes a porn-star.... yeah, keyword is thinks.

we went to shoppers today and bought candy, vitamin water, febreeze, and other things. At the cash, the cashier lady gave us a dirty look, and so did the old filipino guy in line behind us. It was kind of awkward.

i think im going to have to start screening my blogs... just so no one gets offended... i probably wont though.

1 comment:

a letter from andrea said...

i know you're gonna get an email from this on your phone.. so.. here are my questions for you...

1. what time are you coming home?
2. what did you and calvin buy @ shoppers in order to get dirty stares from old filipino guys?
3. bring me home food?
4. or candy at least...
5. stop being a slut

...actually.. number 5 wasn't really a question.. it's a statement. SO I DEMAND IT!!!!!!