Monday, October 27, 2008

never been fucked in the game, i'm celibate

as much as i wanna sleep this week, i dont think i will. tuesday night, im gonna have to go through hibernation or something, to prep for the next few days to come. Nineteenth birthday week... is gonna be intense. i have so many things to do still, omg im gonna die. i really have no idea why i am blogging right now, no wait, its cuz i dont wanna study or do my assignment. 

anyway im turning nineteen this week, and i wish i could never turn nineteen. i wanna stay 18, well 17 forever. 
  • Wednesday October 29th - Cupcakes and Justice @ Circa
  • Thursday October 30th - UTM Halloween Pub
  • Friday October 31st - Gay Club on Church Street
  • Saturday and Sunday November 1st and 2nd - K.O
Just a random thought, but the only black guys i'd ever sleep with... would be LL, TI, and Chris Brown. Yep that is all... Oh maybe that guy Quddus from MTV.

this song makes me feel like such a thug whenever i listen to it. its kind of funny.

these chicks is dangerous. You need a girl that's A-List, not one that just barely made it on a list.


a letter from andrea said...

thank you andrea for showing you this song.. LOL.

a letter from andrea said...

... i really don't know how you've never heard this song before..

yourdarlingcarla said...

sorry im not a thug, asshole.