Monday, October 13, 2008

moonlight sonata

i am in love with that piece.
it lifts something off my chest, and helps me breath a bit better. i think its because the song isnt one that is overtly happy, sad even, which i why i like it. everything else on this beethoven compilation is a bit to happy for me. i like listening to the darker, sadder stuff.

heres a video of wilhelm kempff playing the sonata no. 14.
im sure you will agree, its sober tone is soothing and relaxing. watching this video makes me almost cry.

i will die if someone plays this for me.

on a lighter note:

the awkward squirming... dont mind it.


sega genesis said...

did you cut your hairrr? omg.

a letter from andrea said...

omg.. you're so ugly

sega genesis said...

bad? you? NEVER.
it really suits you :)