Thursday, October 23, 2008

oh mawlma

so its me and my mom home right now. i went downstairs to ask her if she was leaving the house to meet up with my dad for a party, and she said "mamaya," translated to "later." I said, "oh okay." She asked me why i was so eager to know if she was leaving or not. simply i told her it was because me and andrea wanted to have a party. I later said, it was because i want to have an orgy. She darted her eyes at me, and said "with who?" I started laughing and asked my mom if she knew what an orgy was, and she said no. So i told her that an orgy was having sex with lots of people at the same time. She was all confused, and asked me how do people even do that. So i did some hip thrusting gestures, and some double hand movements... and me and my mom started cracking up. Gosh i love her.

andrea is in my room... and we're talking about gay things. my febreeze air effects thing is busted, cuz my mom put it on its side, so the oil kinda spilt out of it. Gaaaaaaaay. anywhoooo, i have stuff to do. byeeee :)

6:36 pm edit...
what i would give, to mess around with chris brown.

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