Sunday, October 5, 2008

let them eat cake!

blogging via utm fourth floor cubicles.
current obsession? well more like re dig up obsession. Queen.
I've been having dance parties in my room very often recently. there is more space now that my old desk is gone, and the new one is in place. The dance parties are the best when they are to older rock hits. I think the moves just come out more organic to songs like that. Today i had a freeze-dance party, with my sister and marvin, and the rest of my cousins. I wish i could have taped it and put it on youtube.. but rj was playing poker, and didnt wanna let me use the iSight camera. It was pretty rad, if i do say so myself.

I dont know what color to paint my room. can anyone suggest anything,
even though purple is clearly my fave color, i dont think i want a purple room. I'd rather have a different color room, and with everything inside it purple. Im thinking a bright orange, very citrus-y. or like a neon kind of turquoise even? Or a really dark grey. Flower stickers and printed curtains. Then i'll get new bedding, and a few more pillows, a new drawer, and remove my tv, and old dresser.

Essentially, all i want in my room is a bed, desk my squiggly mirror and a dresser... oh and a zebra portrait. When i get the zebra... I'm gna name him Earl. He will be my buddy f'lyfe.

anyway thats it for now... i got bio205 to worry about. BARF.

oh btw. Im kind of tired of people trying to be artsy farsty. keyword TRYING. why cant things just be a little more organic. you know, organic is more healthy.

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