Friday, October 3, 2008


can you please release me?

crntly bggng frm mttng plc
n vwls s th nw thng.

translation: currently blogging from meeting place
no vowels is the new thing.

im sitting here watching people, eat, talk, buy food. it's kind of annoying actually. id rather sit in silence.
i think it would be awesome, to sit in a room, and be able to mute everything going on. i realize its called going deaf, but i mean i'd like to be able to like switch it on and off. i think people say so much more when people dont say anything. sometimes saying nothing is your answer. being speechless is both a good and bad thing, but thats whats great about it.. right?

name a time you were speechless for a good reason?
when calvin said i was his bestfriend, outloud, to someone else (i died a little inside, shut up)

name a time you were speechless for a bad reason?
when people pass away

i could really go for a fruit cup right now. peaches and pears are the best. ooh very cherry is good too.

still thinking about what i should be for halloween! i am really excited, hopefully everything turns out :)
it's ridic how many people buy tim hortons everyday, the lines are soooo effing long. i'd hate to work at utm's tim hortons... i doubt i could take it. Knowing that at every o'clock, there would be a rush of people, would suck.

anyone who knows me knows that i listen to primarily mashups, and covers. its insane how many covers of one song i will have on my computer... no it isnt a waste of space i assure you. because regardless, its never too late for a GOOD cover.

choose your own adventure

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