Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stay with me, this is what i need... please?

my eyes are tired and i wouldn't go as far as to say my heart is broken.. but is definitely tattered, and mangled with. as good as this year has been to me, i am very much sick of it and cant wait for the new year to roll in.

the only thing that i like about new years is the fact that it gives people a chance to "start fresh," but whether people actually do, is another topic in of itself. i dont necessarily need to start fresh, but i do need to get my shit together. My dreams recently have been haunted by school work, and future plans... i dont like to be an stressed wreck in my dreams as well.

i should probably list my resolutions. (sad to say, half of them will be repeats of years past... but whatevsss)
  • lose weight, obviously
  • eat healthier
  • do crazy amazing in school
  • dont skip classes
  • print out lecture notes
  • go to extra help, every week
  • start studying from home
  • stop biting my nails
  • work on reducing stress and anxiety
  • gain self-esteem and confidence
  • stop getting jealous
  • save my paychecks
  • make time for those that matter
  • start volunteering
  • cut off anyone unnecessary
  • become a hermit
  • become anti-social
  • be the EVE to someones WALL-E <3
i'll add more as i think of them.

thank you disney, i am in love with a robot now.

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Anonymous said...

is wall-e really good ? i fell asleep for like the first 15 minutes cuz they dont talk and it was boring LOL