Monday, December 15, 2008

mafia hypothesis

ecology... check.

after my exam today, i came home and crashed. i watched the same office episode about 5 times, and slept through it each time, only to wake up and play it again. at about 230 i went out to lunch with my parents and sister, then came back home, to sleep. I am in no mood to start studying for molecular biology. at this point i really dont care... but the anxiety in my chest begs to differ. I dont mean to use this as an excuse or anything, but have a family thing to attend to tonight, and i think that should be given more priority than studying. I know i'll bring my notes with me, but i dont know if i will even get anything accomplished. probably not.

we're picking out kris kringles tonight, and will be doing some serious prayer for my lolo's fortieth day. i am still finding someone to take my shift on thursday, since the girl who said she would take my shift just realized that she was already working that day... what a fail. Ugh. i called in to see who else was working, and im working with my manager. Im thinking she's gonna try and train me how to close the cash, so that i can close alone. yeah yeah i am awesome i know. whatever im gna drink before and after my shift. i don't care. then pass out, and wake up, and sober up for my 2 oclock shift the next day. 2 more days, and then hell is over. wooooo : )

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