Friday, December 19, 2008

mussels vs muscles

i woke up this morning with the residue of alcohol in my mouth, and a slight ting of a headache.
this sunday i have to finish my christmas shopping.. well start and finish. it is retarded.
i love limes. it is so ugly outside, and the wind is getting fucking vile. Since my bedroom is in the little alleyway between two houses.. the wind is howling even worse.

i rearranged my room last night. there is so much more space now, and i feel a change in energy.

im hungry but my bed is too comfy, and i dont wanna move.

edit edit. point form recollection of the night
  • exam <1>
  • bus ride alone to LCBO
  • two bottles of wine
  • old man at the register... didnt ask for id. weird, i thought i looked 12
  • crossed the street to wait for the bus
  • the wait was less than 5 minutes.
  • took the 1w home... it wasnt full
  • the brown paper LCBO bags peeking through my purse, caused a few to people to turn their heads. apparently they think i am an alcoholic.
  • walked home, up the hill, in the snow.
  • uggs dont have much traction
  • saw animal footprints in my backyard
  • home
  • got domestic and made bacon and eggs
  • watched mean girls, mulan, 40 year old virgin and just lounged in my bed
  • cleaned my room
  • more online tv
  • rest
  • danceparty
  • mom and sister come home
  • fight
  • shower
  • head out
  • my mom hit a curb, like a dumbass
  • makeshift easy bake oven set ups
  • mussels and butter, evolved to mussels limes and butter, evolved to mussels limes, salt, pepper and butter
  • gift exchanges: killers tickets, sweaters, gift cards and britney spears cd. thanks so much boys, love you lots! xoxo gossip girl... kidding xoxo carla.
  • reminder, do all xmas shopping sunday.
  • talks about questionable oral sex performance
  • one bottle of wine + a cooler + and a beer = a sleepy carla, not a hungover one
  • sleeping, to waking up spooning with shawn, haha oh god.
  • facebook status tag
  • the dark
  • home
  • phone with sica
  • superbad
  • sleep

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