Friday, December 12, 2008

caffeine free

Like are you kidding me right now? I dont know why i am upset and pissed the fuck off... and I just googled sex addiction. I am too much of a guy, sometimes i am sure... definite even, that i think of sex more than guys do. It's kind of retarded.

I just woke up in a pool of my own drool, from trying to sleep off a sensation... gnarly right.

my mind has been traveling to very dark places more often recently. It's kind of scary, but exhilarating. ive been wanting to do some fucked up impulsive and irrational things, but common sense and conscience kick in last minute. It's kind of freaky, kind of awesome.

NTS: hold back.

This entry is surprisingly open, ehh... what can you do : )


Peteyyy said...

you found me! =D

Peteyyy said...

my common sense usually maintains control but when shit gets hot, its really nowhere to be found

funny how that happens huh?