Monday, December 1, 2008


i am finally feeling normal. actually, i have been feeling normal for a few days now. its a good feeling. due to current events that have transpired, i will be inactive for a while, just so i can catch up on school work, and focus on being awesome. its a hard job i can assure you.

i'm currently sitting on the fourth floor, and literally there is a guy sleeping face down on the floor in front of me. im not surprised. He probably had a long night. i on the other hand, passed out at a bit passed midnight, and slept for a good 8 or so hours. Andrea came into my room at about 7 i assume, to grab something, what it was? i wasnt too sure. I didnt check.

my room was so cold last night, i had to grab extra sheets from the linen closet. It helped. it's kind of gloomy outside, i like it like that. The parking lot is full as hell, a parallel to how busy this fucking library is. Ree-dick.

the guy sleeping on the floor just woke up. it was pretty epic. i am in need of a urination break, but i dont want to get up and walk the less than a minute walk to the washroom. dilemma much. im kind of hungry and want to go home.

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