Sunday, December 14, 2008

leaving on a 730 train, on my way to hollywood

i am itching for thursday to come. after my 8am-10am exam, i will bus myself to LCBO, buy a big bottle of wild vines, probably the strawberry kind and go either home or to calvins place and drink it. Fall asleep and then go to work (NTS try and get thursday shift covered). i really wanna get trashed/wasted/hammered... and just sleep in a big hoodie and yogies... nothing too crazy. Cal is having a little get together at his place for christmas.

i just sent some text messages, got my thursday shift covered! woo now i can focus on drinking my eyes out, and getting sober before my friday shift at 2.

woo wild vines. i probably wont eat, so it should be an interesting night.

i checked the hours of operation for LCBO, and they open at nine, sooo they will for sure be open when i am done my exam. Honestly, im gonna drink that whole bottle by myself and call it a night. maybe i'll get two bottles, one strawberry and one raspberry. just to switch it up a bit. you know? wild vines just reminds me of my birthday, where i basically drank a whole bottle, and felt really cute.

songs like this, just make me wanna get down.

EDIT: LCBO wild vines promo - you get chocolate if you buy it :)

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