Friday, January 2, 2009


cute cousin date. Oakville with Charm Che and Angey babes. East Side Marios & Demetres. White people & No tipping. Just cute <3

so sad, but so stoked.
retiring my Kat Von D calendar :(
but introducing new The Office Calendar for '09 baby!
even more stoked, cuz it was a lucky find at Shoppers Drug Mart + it was 3 dollars. Blaow.


so i got my period, which i am always very excited for. Meaning i am normal, and more importantly am not preggo, heeeey. And it means that im not AS fat as i think i am, because PMS = Bloating. Thus, having a period, makes you not bloated aka thinner (or at least a bit of the illusion) Super stokedddddddd. Anyway, still contemplating if im gonna go on the pill to regulate my period, since its been coming pretty regular for like 3 months now. Other than my menstrual cycle, im planning to do yoga again. Im gonna try and get a monthly pass or something, and see how that goes.

Im craving good music.

I already miss christmas.

"would you rather... open eyed, kiss TPain, WITHOUT his glasses? OR suck lil' waynes penis + both options you catch a disease"

holy fuck, i miss you so much. this mental anesthesia can only work for so long. visit me sometimes.

miss this

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