Sunday, February 22, 2009

i made out with 2 people in this car!

random thought.

as sick as it is, it's flattering to know people would fuck you. haha, i mean its comical, and depending who admits to wanting to throw down with you... can def boost up your self esteem.

i remember in highschool, whenever i was talking to someone, and the conversation got a bit dry, i'd always liven the conversation up with "so... who would you fuck?" Depending on the person i was questioning i could kind of feel out who they'd say yes, no or maybe too. The best, is when you get an answer you were totally not expecting. or when its the big elephant in the room, and you're wondering if they're going to name your name next? ha. good times good times.

just saying.

btw: i love candice b brooks. hopefully it'll be double trouble tonight. i'll be waiting by my blackberry <3

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