Saturday, February 14, 2009

i dont understand the concept behind a "private blog"
that kind of goes against the whole point of having a blog, dont you think?
you make a blog, so people can read it. not so only some people can read it.
if you wanna privatize things... theres livejournal for that stuff.
I have both. Im smart.

I'm working at not caring what people think about me. It's getting better I must say. I should also mention, that I am working on, trying not to let little things get to me. Thats a bit rougher... but its a working progress. Def progress.

So at Bikini Village, there's an on-going thing between me and two of my coworkers in which we smack each others bums. Our manager has no clue how much sexual harassment is going down at our store :) Honestly, i love the girls i work with. I hate working, but will gladly come if i know if my loves are there. Not to mention when I'm at work, since we're all slutty... i feel more at home <3 yeah thats right. LOL. eXXXchanging stories of what went down during the week is always fun. Gosh i love it there.

Oh yeah! my manager asked me if i lost weight. I replied, im trying. To which she said, I can tell... you look "a lot smaller" To which I did that KA-CHING hand gesture, and was like "omg yesssssssssss"

I think im gonna go workout tomorrow, go to the library and read and do my chem lab.

Anyway, i have come to the conclusion that i am crushing. I haven't crushed on a guy for a long while. It feels really weird.

Needless to say, I miss geodude.

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