Tuesday, September 30, 2008

karma police

bitches aint shit, if i knew i was gna deal with some fatal attraction type shit, i would have blocked your ass waaaaaay long ago.
this is just me venting
you were a bad kisser
you cant play with girls properly
you aint that great looking
you aint that special
is it wrong to say you were just a sexual tension outlet? well if it is, im not apologizing for it.
you fucking immature cunt.... GROW A SET.

lol i know this entry probably hints that i did some slutty things... but really, havent we all?

fuck censorship. im tired of being nice, and over-editing to try and not get someone offended.

Monday, September 29, 2008


its really pathetic how people can over react over something so small and trivial. It's kind of like, dude, you're twenty-something?... grow the fuck up. damn son, don't you feel shitty having an 18 year old girl tell you that? if you really feel like i am "fucking retarded," get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Honestly, who knew something as small and trivial as DELETING SOMEONE OFF YOUR FACEBOOK, was means for an attack? If you're really getting upset because you are no longer on my friendslist, you need to check yourself, like how sad are you.. really now. Get off my dick you son of a bitch. And no im not sorry i sprained your vagina. This isnt highschool. 

Sunday, September 28, 2008


ugh, i feel like i learned nothing new.
i have a test monday, and i am working sunday 1-5 (not bad i know)
but then it is off to the library. No laptop. and i will force myself into quiet study.
and that will be all.
  • read tutorials
  • do old quizzes and test packages
  • read lecture notes
  • look at diagrams

Saturday, September 27, 2008

its a groggy day in mississauga. the cool air venting through my window is laced with invisible droplets of water. not exactly humid, but nothing like a cold dry air. its kind of nice, especially being comfy underneath my ikea comforter. im watching the latest episode of project runway, and i think i will be studying from home today. if anything, ill go to the library when my momma comes home and brings me a car. :)

in more personal news... i am not pregnant! meaning, i got my period. (dont worry i dont have sex... virgin status heeeey) woo! anyone who knows me, knows that i get my period like once every blue moon (even that is rare), and this isnt even an understatement. but none the less i am extremely happy. woo.

so today in the van, driving home from lunch and errands my dad was trying to inform me about canadian politics. it was cute cuz it was like his version of the sex talk, trying to guide me through my first time of voting. (LOL). He wanted me to make an informed decision, and wanted me to understand who i vote for. 

dad: in one day you'll have a new visitor
carla: who?
dad: marvins lola.
carla: oh nice.  hope she brings bagaoong.
andrea: ew, thats nasty.
carla: oh whatever, when you get old all you're gna eat is white food.
andrea: yeah, so?
dad: you know white food, is so bad for you... it gives you sicknesses and problems. back home we dont eat that kind of food, and we dont get those sicknesses from eating all vegetables. people back home... die from old age.
andrea: and murder.

Friday, September 26, 2008

the joy of stats

hello there blogger world. i just... well a while ago, came home from work, and picking up my sister, and discovering what a pizza sub at subway tastes like. Work was really uneventful tonight, i went shopping on my shift for things for my cousins to be honest. I forgot to mention working LAST NIGHT, i met a family from FINLAND! omg it was so awesome to hear them speak, and to see their like... really really blonde, almost white even, haired children run around our store. Yeah, i just found it so cool, esp since i always wanted to visit Finland. 

man, i walked into coach today and i saw the cutest wallet, then i saw the cutest clutch, and then another cute wristlet. I should never walk into that store. I was really close to blowing off like 200 dollars. instead, i went to the new abercrombie and bought my cousins t-shirts. Boy does it reek in there. anyway i really need to save money. i need to pay my mom back for my glasses. pay my mom 80 bucks for splitting my titas coach purse... save money for clothes, and maybe even a yoga membership. ugh. anyway i should get to studying, i will chat with all of you soonage.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i have too many irrational fears.
like really irrational.
today some chick at work said i had really nice boobs. it was pretty special.

something about the waaaaay you look tonight. takes my breath awayyyy (8)

man hopefully sorina can take my shift tomorrow because i really dont wanna work. 
i kind of wanna go downtown and take those dance classes with raeshel! i just wanna give the shift up, so i can go downtown and kind of feel out what the commute is like, so i can figure out if i can keep working on fridays or whatever. i'm really considering quitting, just because thats hours i could be doing something... but in reality, i can kill 6 hours and do absolutely nothing. so whats another 3 hours? y'know? i dont know... we'll see. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


im in the library right now, listening to some one person vs another person. i really feel like dancing. i got new specs and i still need to go and get them fitted, or tightened. whatever. i have class in like an hour. erm, just trying to do some reading is all. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

i never had the nerve to ask

CCT computer lab. its really loud here. i just came from south common's wal mart. i love wal-marts! i bought cue cards, pens, and i was about to buy a jonas brother poster. but i didnt. On the way to the cash, i picked up some sour patch kids. thats about it. Im hot and sweaty... i dont think im gna sleep alot tonight, i have a lot of reading to do.

  • make amino acid cue cards, check
  • read tomorrows tutorial for 206
  • try and read soc221
  • erm, go over organic notes.... eff mcmurry!

let's see if i can actually do those things.

anywaaays, im just gna lounge until my class starts. I didnt print out the notes, so im just gna have to pay attention.

woo billy talent on repeat!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i am tired as fuck, and am pushing my body to stay awake to read two chapters of basic social research. wish me luck!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sisterly advice

"omg did you just take some random guys boxers? and now you're gonna get pregnant because the semen his touching your vagina"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sharpies are for sniffing

i was planning to write something meaningful and heartfelt, but im too lazy to feel anything right now.

i was however browsing through my photobucket, and found this little number.
everyone was so young! gaaah. throwback pics are the best. i was thinner back then too :( lol, aw well. I love the way andrea is all strung out like a fag... i remember it was cuz she was being a lame and being all mad. Man i love my backyard in the summer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

macbooks and textbooks

its took me a good 3 hours to finally get settled in and do homework. I was writing down some notes for a good, lets say 10 minutes, and was doing pretty well if i do say so myself. I then had a little burst of inspiration and decided to write on this thing.

i'm in love with you. the kind of love that is overlooked, unmentioned, and everything opposite of obvious. how i can love someone with so much restraint boggles my mind. i would never have it any other way. if i were to say that there is never a day, where i dont dedicate a second of my life to you, i wouldn't be lying. You give me tunnel vision, as i am traveling towards the light... and always looking forward. In the smallest of gestures you make my heart stop, and sometimes the thought of you can bring me to tears and out of breath. by saying nothing, you say everything.

Monday, September 15, 2008

im always sorry in the morning

the to do list
  • soc221 readings and notes
  • org chem chapter 2&3 readings and notes
  • reread essential cell biology, because i feel like nothing has stuck
  • call places for volunteering

okay, sooo im gna read cell biology tomorrow
do organic on tuesday
soc's on wed and thurs

my posts will probably be more boring now since i am making school my life. Xavier and Gaspard are coming on my bday. I just might go.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

betty boop

if you dont have a car and you're walking,
oh yes son i'm talkin to you.
if you live at home with your momma,
oh yes son i'm talkin to you.
if you have a shorty and you dont show love,
oh yes son, im talkin to you.
wanna get with me with no money?
oh no, i dont want no scrub.

to do list
soc221 readings
org chem read ch 3 & neumans
read 205 lab

Thursday, September 11, 2008

you know i made it through

surprisingly i did work today.
i read and did notes for two of my sociology courses.
it was a good time

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

currently in the library. listening to justice. reading some biology. being cool. the (new) usual.

Monday, September 8, 2008


i started school today. and so far not a lot of anxiety. which is good right?
i moved in with calvin, and theres a little beanie baby wolf/husky thing living with us. i named him locker. His real name (as said on his tag) is nook. calvin wanted to rename him nook-a. guess why? yeah. lol.

anyway i have already, kind of started studying. 
i had a serious headache today which ended up in me barfing.
i need glasses.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

theres creepy music coming from my neighborhood. i cant locate it, but ive been hearing it from outside my window for about 2 days now. 

my room is a mess and needs a serious clean up.

i had the wildest dream last night. heidi, spencer, beached killer whales on a beach that turned into a pool, buying sandwiches and souvlaki, fighting and cussing out people. 

i've been feeling all dark and twisty lately. i think my soul is halfway out of my body or something. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

journey baby!

i love journey with all my heart, and it aint no cheap trick.

i danced my ass off, and got a sweet shirt. im so happy.

i'm so proud of my dad. he has really bad anxiety attacks sometime, usually brought on by unfamiliar situations... i guess you could call it agoraphobia. I was really worried he would just spazz out and leave the building but surprisingly he sat through the whole thing. I always offered him a smile and let him hold my hand, it was cute. 

anyway my new guilty pleasure, is the song Whatever You Like by TI
i literally only listened to the song once (on sept 4th) and it was infectious. On the way home from maui's house, andrea found it on the radio and started singing it and dancing. Maybe it was the fact we were speeding and dancing, TI's voice, the lyrics, or the beat that made it good...either way, its on hella repeat.

Friday, September 5, 2008

times are a changing

i'm starting to inch towards changing how i feel about certain things. im getting less bitter, and for that i am thankful. i hated having that feeling in my chest, but now it is finally subsiding. the resins of bitterness still are residing in my chest however... but with every conscious breath i take... its starting to slowly go away.

in place of the bitterness are anti-social tendencies. aaaand i kind of love it. 

Journey is tonight!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a little bit longer

so i watch a lot of online television, and some days websites load faster than others. so sometimes i sit and wait for episodes to load, and when they load i am all excited. THEN i do the next dumb ass thing and click something, so i totally lose the whole 20 minutes of whatever tv show i loaded, and it isnt the worst thing in the world... buuuuuut it sucks a bit. anyway, thats what happened to me a few seconds ago, and im waiting for the episode to "re-load" now.

So, if you found out one morning that you had the next 24 hours to live, how would you spend the day?
  • i'd spend the day with my closest family and friends
  • rent a moonbounce
  • go swimming
  • go fishing
  • paddle a rowboat
  • eat all my fave foods and desserts
  • take a nap
  • have cocktails
  • clean my room
  • burn my diaries
  • look at old photos
  • take new photos
  • hug everyone
i'd probably wanna do more, but that list looks like a pretty good day for me to die.

P.S i HATE talking to dumb ass ignorant people. who make stupid belittling comments. UGH. its a waste of emotion to get worked up over people who dont matter. (that might be a little ironic, but its out of anger i swear)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

broccoli trees and carrot tops

i've been doing nothing but vegging around, and that's all i really plan to do for my last week of summer. I dont know if i mentioned this before but, i finally got a chance to watch Grey's Anatomy from beginning to end, instead of watching random strings of episodes and piecing things together, and then disappointed when i do find out what happened. I dont know what it is about NBC primetime television, but it always nows how to tug at my heartstrings... It is awesome.

anyway, i have a stack of tabloids in my living room, and i cant wait to go through all of them. BTW. i totally have a britney post breakdown body right now. it is disgusting. All floppy and gross and not hot. I'm gna try and pray for some workout motivation (on top of that homework/reading motivation i special ordered at the end of april) and do some work. 

it's insane how it is already september.

Monday, September 1, 2008

intention implementation

  • clean room
  • do laundry
  • clean kitchen
  • swiffer wet the floors
  • fix up the living room
  • vaccuum or something

i did all of these things, plus clean the bathrooms