Tuesday, September 16, 2008

macbooks and textbooks

its took me a good 3 hours to finally get settled in and do homework. I was writing down some notes for a good, lets say 10 minutes, and was doing pretty well if i do say so myself. I then had a little burst of inspiration and decided to write on this thing.

i'm in love with you. the kind of love that is overlooked, unmentioned, and everything opposite of obvious. how i can love someone with so much restraint boggles my mind. i would never have it any other way. if i were to say that there is never a day, where i dont dedicate a second of my life to you, i wouldn't be lying. You give me tunnel vision, as i am traveling towards the light... and always looking forward. In the smallest of gestures you make my heart stop, and sometimes the thought of you can bring me to tears and out of breath. by saying nothing, you say everything.

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Anonymous said...

nice im in love with you paragraph.