Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a little bit longer

so i watch a lot of online television, and some days websites load faster than others. so sometimes i sit and wait for episodes to load, and when they load i am all excited. THEN i do the next dumb ass thing and click something, so i totally lose the whole 20 minutes of whatever tv show i loaded, and it isnt the worst thing in the world... buuuuuut it sucks a bit. anyway, thats what happened to me a few seconds ago, and im waiting for the episode to "re-load" now.

So, if you found out one morning that you had the next 24 hours to live, how would you spend the day?
  • i'd spend the day with my closest family and friends
  • rent a moonbounce
  • go swimming
  • go fishing
  • paddle a rowboat
  • eat all my fave foods and desserts
  • take a nap
  • have cocktails
  • clean my room
  • burn my diaries
  • look at old photos
  • take new photos
  • hug everyone
i'd probably wanna do more, but that list looks like a pretty good day for me to die.

P.S i HATE talking to dumb ass ignorant people. who make stupid belittling comments. UGH. its a waste of emotion to get worked up over people who dont matter. (that might be a little ironic, but its out of anger i swear)

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