Saturday, September 6, 2008

journey baby!

i love journey with all my heart, and it aint no cheap trick.

i danced my ass off, and got a sweet shirt. im so happy.

i'm so proud of my dad. he has really bad anxiety attacks sometime, usually brought on by unfamiliar situations... i guess you could call it agoraphobia. I was really worried he would just spazz out and leave the building but surprisingly he sat through the whole thing. I always offered him a smile and let him hold my hand, it was cute. 

anyway my new guilty pleasure, is the song Whatever You Like by TI
i literally only listened to the song once (on sept 4th) and it was infectious. On the way home from maui's house, andrea found it on the radio and started singing it and dancing. Maybe it was the fact we were speeding and dancing, TI's voice, the lyrics, or the beat that made it good...either way, its on hella repeat.

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