Friday, September 26, 2008

the joy of stats

hello there blogger world. i just... well a while ago, came home from work, and picking up my sister, and discovering what a pizza sub at subway tastes like. Work was really uneventful tonight, i went shopping on my shift for things for my cousins to be honest. I forgot to mention working LAST NIGHT, i met a family from FINLAND! omg it was so awesome to hear them speak, and to see their like... really really blonde, almost white even, haired children run around our store. Yeah, i just found it so cool, esp since i always wanted to visit Finland. 

man, i walked into coach today and i saw the cutest wallet, then i saw the cutest clutch, and then another cute wristlet. I should never walk into that store. I was really close to blowing off like 200 dollars. instead, i went to the new abercrombie and bought my cousins t-shirts. Boy does it reek in there. anyway i really need to save money. i need to pay my mom back for my glasses. pay my mom 80 bucks for splitting my titas coach purse... save money for clothes, and maybe even a yoga membership. ugh. anyway i should get to studying, i will chat with all of you soonage.

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