Saturday, November 22, 2008

the zephyr song

last night was intense.
i passed the fuck out at 9, like i was in grade 2 or something.
it was retarded. i woke up at about 1 am because of my dad yelling on the phone to my mom, who is like half way across the world in a different country. i think i called calvin, but i am too tired to recall.

i am up, and its about 8 am now. my dad came into my room with a wad of cash, telling me to eat at mcdonalds with my sister, and then to go and buy some jasmine rice. i think i'm going to be in the basement all day today folding laundry. i put a load in, before i went to bed.

i had the most retarded dream last night. i was at this sketch hotel with this guy who was telling me how he cant have sex because of the failing economy. i saw a stand up comedy set. then i was at school, driving people home, cussed people off. my school all of a sudden turned into a tropical climate, the the pub was like a little tiki lounge, and people were eating flavored banana chips. kieron was there telling me about his sauna. weird.

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