Sunday, November 9, 2008

how meredith grey of you

right now, my headache went away. my body is still slow, and my mouth tastes disgusting. hangovers... honestly.
water tastes so good right now, its retarded. i woke up this morning, fucked up. i woke up naked, but bad mornings always start off with me waking up naked. i threw up plenty, passed out on the bathroom floor, took a shower and barfed some more. my head was pulsing, throbbing almost. i took 2 tylenol, and barfed them out. passed out, and woke up fine. 9am-11:50am...the worst. i clearly drank a few drinks over my threshold... bad idea obvs. i should have just stuck to my girly drinks... tanking beers.. zaa.

im trying to do some of my lab before i go to the funeral home. ugh.

i just ate, and it feels good... but im scared im just going to barf it all out.

i really want bubble tea.

I'm anticipating some serious crying tonight.

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