Wednesday, November 19, 2008

damn girl, dont hurt 'em

i miss my momma, she wont be back for another week :(
its retarded man, half my family is like on the other side of the planet.
it is definitely a trip. i miss marvin and marjorie. im way envious of them enjoying the hot weather while im here in the cold.

my hair has been really static-y recently. i googled how to untangle it... but nothing i can do really while im at school.

jealousy is one of the worst feelings. always makes me feel sick.
im such an egotist, its retarded.

my room is still a mess... and i need to do stuff this weekend or i will die.


Anonymous said...

don't be jealous over marvin... hes crying a lot apparently because the excess sun exposure that they have there is like intense and has red dots all over his back that makes him itchy :(

Anonymous said...

or maybe its chicken pox and they just think its because of the heat.

klaudinenicole said...

why hello carla, i stumbled on your page.

and i suggest you use a detangler.
i know you can buy them at uh, hair store or something. = )