Monday, November 10, 2008

just add water

its 4 am, and im writing up a lab... and im listening to TI.
my emotions are fucked, and im doing things i probably should do a little thinking about first.
ive been craving water, maybe im still dehydrated from west50 party. i had no clothes on a while ago, but i put on calvins sweater that i borrowed just to run downstairs and grab a bottle of water. so now im sitting here, listening to justice, drinking water, in calvins sweater... doing my lab and blogging... at 4am. calvins sweater smells pretty good. def smells like calvin. i probably look like a total loser sniffing the sleeves of this hoodie, but it smells nice. some parts smell like his condo, other parts his shower gel or whatever cologne he was using. Okay its kind of creepy to write about that stuff, or to even think it to be honest... but im tired and i am bored, and am not excited to write this lab! eeeks.

my hair right now, is totally reminiscent of carla back in the day... like circa 1995. i am totally rocking the pebbles hair-do at the moment. its pretty epic. man, this week is gonna blow.

i will be back later.

hello blogger world.
i went to bed at 5:30ish am, and woke up at like 8:30. Its now 1:30pm, and i finished my lab about 10 minutes ago.
i must be on crack or something, because the sleepiness has not kicked in yet. well i lied, my body is kind of lagging, but that could be due to other things. im going out at two to go and cut trees. Im in leggings and flats... awesome right? Yep, i forgot, but i could really give a fuck... cuz i need at 2 percent. Holla.

I usually sleep in on tuesdays, but im going to wake up early and go to school and start my stats assignment. and read up on 206. school sucks sucks sucks sucks. theres a group of douchebag guys sitting around me... well standing, i wish they would all get shot in the head. They're pretty much talking about every g that walks past them. Earlier they were talking about some game on xbox with castles and money? i dont know. Yay they left. thank god. i have very little tolerance for lamos. esp when they come in packs.

Time for a youtube video.

sickest song to shower to.

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