Sunday, July 27, 2008

via the porcelain throne

my fingernail isnt as bad as it was a day ago. last night was a bittersweet event. my cousins sometimes have poor party planning habits, it was a little bit of an inconvenience for my dad to drive the extra few minutes to my aunts house, because my cousins were at my OTHER cousins house. my dad was a little peeved at the fact that since me and my sister were guests at their house, we still had to bring money to probably pay for the majority of the dinner (which we later did). anywhoo, we got bubble tea and listened to my cousin.. and share opinions on her current boyfriend/love interest situation. She rolled some weed up in the car, and later smoked it on the drive to my cousins. Being in the backseat i couldnt help but get the little whiffs into my face. My sweater sleeve was the best filter i could find.

we got to my cousins house and broke the karaoke out and got a little drunk. we called 3 for 1 pizza, and ordered 40 wings deal.. had NO IDEA how much it cost, which pop we got, or what else came with the deal cuz as soon as we said 40 wings deal, and listed our number... blam, 3 for 1 pizza guy hung up. more karaoke and not too sure that we were even gonna get our food the fun went on. japanese liquor shots, tequila and chasers. wings came. a little drunk i got quiet, and went to the bathroom, and did my business, washed my hands and set my eye on this digital scale on the floor. being lame i stood on it... and did NOT like what i saw. I gained more weight... and it made me sick to see the number i was at. To be honest, ever since i saw that number every time i looked into the mirror i could see the number go to work.

I drank away my sorrows and ate more chicken wings. went to bed, woke up, watched some tv... went to my cousins for a barbeque. I watched the runs house marathon, and passed out for a good while. I got up, and bussed home... and am writing this now.

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