Monday, July 28, 2008

dropping a fifteen

eun is back. she brings the calm to work. she is awesome.

it is so akward working with someone you dont really click with. It's kind of like walking on eggshells. The long periods of silence can only get so numb, till they start to sting a bit.

I helped out a pair of bestfriends today at work. They ended up buying matching bathing suits for their vacation to jamaica, after the one got married. One purple, one blue. I got to show them my awesome Sarong tutorial, to which they both bought a sarong... One black, and because of my awesome skills, i got the bride to be to opt for a blue sarong, over a black. She liked it, her best friend liked it, i liked it. Another mission accomplished at BV.

Oh yeah american apparel is a liar! they were supposed to open today (monday) but were still boarded up like no tomorrow. Oh boy. Hopefully they will open soon.

I want to buy a sidekick really bad. like really really bad. Maybe even more than a macbook right now. If you kno anyone who is going to the states anytime soon, please let me know.

It seems like CJC will be going on a picnic this summer. aka this wednesday, it should be awesome.

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