Saturday, July 26, 2008

something special

so, i am too anxious to not write.

today is Saturday July 26th 2008.

it is currently 1:19 am.. i have work in less than 12 hours. i should be getting to bed. s'all goodie though. Tomorrow i am going to go to work a bit early, just so i can stop by american apparel for their grand opening at the mall i work at. Hopefully one of my bestfriends (Caroline) is working tomorrow... just so i can say she helped me. Oh sales, how i love thee. It's gonna be sweet. I think i will be at american apparel every time i am on break.. and the staff there is gonna hate me. I should start taking bets on how long it will take me to get sick of the stuff.... i hardly doubt it, cuz i love plain things... tacky things. i think the biggest problem i might have is the inflow of try hards, that it may (or may not) attract to the mall. Evs. Im still gonna apply there after a few good years at bikini village.

Oh yes, i am still trying to get sexy... but it isnt working. Im considering pescetarianism again, but it is just too darn hard.

Tonight is cousins night. I'm getting ready to get wasted.

I havent seen calvin in a while. i miss the lad to be quite honest. He's probably off sleeping, or youtubing, making fun of ugly people, stalking beautiful people or doing something unproductive, or writing something sick. Since he is a facebook creep, he probably saw my blog link posted on my profile... and came here to read... and read it. Assuming Calvin reads this, and im thinking the chances of that are highly likely im just gna say, Hi Cal. He's just one of those people i can't get sick of. I thought i could get sick of him... but i guess not. He's lucky that way. Im lucky that way. Anywho, calvin if you read this, what the eff... i havent opened my disturbia DVD in a good maybe YEAR... gosh, make some movements. okay bye, i love you.

July is almost over its scary. I should try and sleep. Someone is getting fired tomorrow!

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