Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the day started by me waking up and writing in my livejournal while sipping some green tea. I made breakfast, and then waited for sica to come and get me. we voyaged to value village and talize and had had a few laughs. I tried on a purple jumpsuit, and boy was it not so flattering.

we had lunch at beaver and bulldog, and truth be told their wings are fire. We later went to sicas house and watched some same sex next. then it was off to pick up jesses dad. Booster juice first, then to the bank. I got dropped off at home to pick up my car and then we watched DARK KNIGHT. (FINALLY)

seriously, all the hype was not just hype. it was amazing. a-mazing. i left the theatre breathless. action packed and just oh my goodness freaking amazing! Im planning to watch it IMAX next week with mr. hutchinson.

PS: jeffrey is the coolest person ever.

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