Tuesday, July 29, 2008


so today i actually did something with my life, well with my day off. the day started off slow, but i did however get to do a few loads of laundry. Later in the afternoon i went out for a bit of exercise with my sister. We walked in a giant circle, and had a few laughs. The best thing about working out is feeling a bit sore afterward, especially the next day... or coming in a close second the cold shower once you reach home. Well both can be ranked as first or second, and can be interchangable.

hopefully i can stay committed to at least 3 workout days a week.

I have a load of laundry sitting on my bed waiting to be folded and put away. i will get to that later on tonight... probably after this blog.

my dear bestfriend caroline, and i are working similar shifts on saturday. she will be my ride to, and from. I am really excited. It's good to actually have one of my closest friends work with me in the mall. As much as i like working alone sometimes, on the days where my coworkers and i arent exactly clicking, i have someone else i can drop in on and speak with.

Coldplay is this thursday! me and sica are gonna head downtown a bit earlier, so she can get a refund on her catwoman shirt. I have a feeling, that for sure for sure i will be crying when chris martin opens his mouth. Fucking coldplay.

I dont think anyone reads this at all... its quite alright. Im out, laundry time.

to those readers out there: whats your fave coldplay song?

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