Friday, March 27, 2009


So I'm gonna start a segment where I blog about people who I think rule (if the title didn't give it away already).

Andrea K. Carbonell

If it isn't evident who that is, it is no other than my baby sister. We share parents, clothes, tastes in boys, music and food. We look a like, once we were even asked if we were twins (that person was obviously an idiot).

People call her Andrea, Drea even (which i find horrendous)... but I call her Ange. We are born four years apart. If i had to explain her, she's the girl from your highschool who you only stare at, cuz you know shes such a bitch. Only when talking to her you realize shes actually not that bad... or that shes a total bitch. The ultimate daddy's girl. And she can probably steal your boyfriend's attention for a hot second, even when you're paying close attention. A total cupcake, who... depending on the weather will bake you a cupcake.

Why Andrea Rules? well because i am a narcissist and love myself, and my sister reminds me of myself... that's why. Kidding. She's pretty awesome, besides the fact that she is my sister. She has a rocking body. She always has enough girls on her case. She is a really funny drunk. She is a baker! She shares sometimes. She lets me sleep in her bed when i am sad. When she was younger, she was a sick ass reggae dancer. Since then... the ability had been lost. She comes into your room and bugs you. She's a sweet piece of eye-candy. She's an awesome Guitar Hero player. She's a bipolar maniac.

Yeah she rocks.

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jessicalino said...

borderline is pretty boss.