Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so, i pushed you away and now i'm left with nothing. you pushed me back, but i deserved it. i wanted this. i wanted you to go away, but you havent. fact is, you're very much there, regardless of how much i just want you gone. if you dont leave, i will. thats what i say. that's what i am doing. im pushing everyone away, because they are affiliated with you.. and i WANTED to be rid of you. but this isnt working. you've tainted my life. my life and my mind. im pushing forward with my hands tied behind my back, and eyes closed. im just expecting to fall. im expecting it to hurt. im living in fear. i know i will eventually crash into a wall, trip on a rock, and that fall will be you. Am i at a point where i want to just rip the bandaid off clean and fast? am i at the point where, all i can wish for is for you to say hello. all i want is for you to say hi. just two letters. not three words. just two letters. pink font and all.

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